Mission Statement

Spoken Word Ministries, Inc.

Missionary Outreach to the Blind


Through literature distribution and personal ministry, we want to bring the good news of Jesus Christ and His salvation to every person who is blind or visually impaired. Realizing that many blind people already have a firm faith and foundation in Jesus Christ, we also want to give these people what they need to grow strong in Him. Our goal is that the blind person not only receive services, but that they also serve the Lord as the Holy Spirit equips each of them for His service.


We provide Christian literature to those who are blind or visually impaired in ways that are comfortable and accessible to them. We use Braille and audio material to present Christian literature to the blind. Currently, our literature distribution reaches across the United States and into several other countries. We also receive telephone calls and personal contacts with people (both those who are blind as well as friends and family members), who are seeking prayer, support, and information and referral services. We are not just a publishing house in the business of producing Christian literature, but rather we are a mission desiring to see that the blind have what they need to reach their potential in God.

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